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    Brief introduction to the products


    The 0.4KV Outdoor Low-Voltage Cable Distribution Box is widely used in the three-phase low-voltage power transmission and distribution system of the transformer substations, industrial and mining enterprises, both sides of the streets, garden residential living quarters, high-rise buildings, airports and key construction and modification projects and other outdoor public places, as the whole set of prototype equipment using cables to distribute electric energy to other users or equipment.


    Structural Characteristics and Functions






    Anti-Gel, contamination-resistant, capable of being used in a variety of harsh environment;

    Flexible combination methods, strip-type fuse load isolation switch or plastic shell circuit breaker can be selected for protection;

    Outdoor installation, compact structure, small volume;

    Good quality steel plate can be selected for spraying or cabinet body of stainless steel can be selected;

    The color of cabinet body often is grey or army green, and it can also be selected according to the requirements of the users.


    Technical Parameters

    ※額定工作電壓(V):AC 220/380

    ※額定絕緣電壓(V):AC 500

    ※額定主進線工作電流(A):630, 400, 250, 160,100

    ※額定輸出工作電流(A):400, 250, 160, 120, 100, 80, 60, 40





    Rated Working Voltage (V): AC 220/380

    Rated Insulation Voltage (V): AC500

    Rated Working Current (A) of Main Incoming Line : 630, 400, 250, 160, 100

    Rated Output Working Current (A): 400, 250, 160, 120, 100, 80, 60, 40

    Rated Frequency (Hz): 50

    Protection Level: IP34D

    Height above Sea Level (m): ≤ 2000

    Pollution Level: 3

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